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"You will have access to algorithmic bots that automatically trade for you, a wallet where you can see all your assets from a single screen, and a platform allowing you to manage all your exchange accounts from a unified interface."

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"Z-Algo is a product offered by Ziv4 that allows users to create strategies using indicators generated by Ziv4. Users can then connect their exchange accounts to Ziv4 through and execute these strategies automatically in the cryptocurrency markets"

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The Ziv4 app takes on the mission of being a superb financial application. With Z-Wallet, assets on 13 different exchanges can be viewed, Z-Trade enables buying and selling on various exchanges through the same interface, and with Z-Algo, automatic trading can be performed without even moving the mouse.



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ZIV4 Token listed on BitDelta!

Ziv4 Labs Token is the token of the Ziv4 ecosystem, with a limited supply of only 100 million.

You can purchase Ziv4 Labs Token on the Bitdelta Exchange: Click Here



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